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Our Mission: To arm people, alongside their loved ones with top-notch information, tools, and resources for overcoming addiction and thereby attain lifelong recovery.

Who We Are: A team of editors, writers, and outreach experts who constantly strive to connect affected individuals and their families with accurate information concerning co-occurring disorders, as well as substance and alcohol abuse.

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How We Assist Those Affected Find Treatment: The web pages are inclusive of a cadre of providers of addiction treatment, including the Substance Abuse alongside Mental Health Service Administrator’s directory of treatment providers. Moreover, we connect those affected with an assortment of admission teams, thereby allowing them to gain access to the multitude of rehab centers.

How We Make a Difference in the Community: The outreach specialists frequently traverse to various community coalition groups, task force gatherings, and other relative events. Through cooperating with community organizations, we assist in raising awareness of ongoing efforts of combating substance and alcohol abuse.

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