Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is a long and challenging process. But it is possible, and many individuals are able to make a clean break with their drug addiction and begin a new, productive life.

As you recover, it is important to know many of the difficulties people face as they rehab. There will always be frustration, but if you know that this is just part of the recovery process, it will be much easier to take these speed bumps in stride.

Building Relationships

Drug addiction takes its toll on your loved ones. Many individuals who are trying to recover find that they have damaged their ties to people that are important to them. Trying to reach out to people you’ve hurt can be difficult, but it is crucial to the recovery process.

In addition to reaching out to old friends, making new ones is beneficial to those looking to build a new life free of drugs. The love and support that these new friends can provide, in addition to your old friends and family, can give you the push you need to get clean.

Building New Habits

Drug addiction builds up a lot of bad habits and coping strategies. Part of learning to function without drugs is replacing these habits with healthy alternatives. Life is stressful, recovery doubly so, and many in rehab want to turn back to drugs to address this added anxiety. Therapy and counseling can help you learn new methods to cope with anxiety and stress that will allow you to deal with them healthily.

Some addiction treatment relies too heavily on alternative drugs to fill the gap. This strategy, although it can be effective for some patients, can delay the development of healthy coping strategies that can be used to address problems without the aid of drugs.

Filling Time

Drugs aren’t just used for stress. They’re also a way of coping with boredom. Those in rehab have to learn new ways if you don’t know how to deal with boredom and keep themselves occupied. Hobbies and social engagements are great, healthy ways of occupying yourself and keeping you from thinking about drugs.

Finding Work

Getting back into the workforce is a challenge for most addicts. However, it is one of the most important steps towards getting back to a normal life. The stability and self-confidence boost that work can provide help former addicts feel that they have a purpose, and can help build new social bonds with people that are not tied to your drug-using past. The money provides a sense of security and allows you to begin to plan for the future.

Getting back on your feet can seem daunting. However, with the right treatment plan and support network, and by staying realistic with your goals and timeline, a healthy life is well within reach. Many addicts have gone on to live happy, fulfilling lives, as long as they stayed committed to their recovery.